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Tell to me about your building project in Suffolk or East Anglia. I give a free 30 min. consultation to all new projects.

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I deal with building projects everyday. Most often my costs are far less than the savings I can bring to the construction, in product choices, trades management and timeliness. And I take pride in delivering on my services to clients.

A few quotes on what a building project manager could bring to your build.

The Project Manager is the most important role after the architect: one individual who takes responsibility for seeing the whole project through from start to finish. The best team arrangement is, in my view to employ an architect, an independent project manager and a builder or set of sub contractors.

From Grand Designs Handbook, Kevin McCloud outlines the advantages of a project manager.

A skilled project manager can save you money as well as stress. It may be you need 20 or more different specialist contractors on a big project and they all have to be on site exactly on time for their part of the build. Get a delivery or start date wrong and the timescales will slip, costing you money.

An experienced project manager is used to this and it’s their responsibility to get it right.


'building projects on time and on budget, just one of the advantages of professional Project Management during a Construction'